Top 5 Best Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast // YouTube Tips and Tricks 2017

Top 5 Best Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast // YouTube Tips and Tricks 2017

YouTube in last ten years has made its mark in the marketing industry and is immensely popular with over million daily users and subscribers. In fact, it is now a dependable source of promotions and sales for the brands, a source of generating income for many bloggers and vloggers. Now, a common concern is to get the most out of this and find out ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Growing your YouTube audience
The blogger/vlogger and many used to search; how to grow a youtube channel fast? How do you get a lot of subscribers on Youtube FREE? How do you get more views on YouTube? How to get youtube to promote your video? How do you boost your youtube views? how to invite someone to subscribe to your youtube channel? How can I increase my youtube subscribers? You know what; the YouTube is the third largest search engine on the internet where more than 70 hours worth of videos is uploaded each day. Moreover, YouTube has 1.5 billion monthly users watching lots of video content and has 1.2 Billion active users each month. One survey shows that the YouTube surpasses 1 trillion views in 2011. That’s crazy, right? No doubt, currently the YouTube is the best platform for vlogging (video blogging), video content sharing, as well as for video promotion & marketing. The video contents with YouTube is the most preferred method in the content marketing now. The other platforms like Facebook & Instagram have lately jumped into the video marketing market, but they seem far away from the what YouTube has put. As you know the YouTube is a free platform provided by the Google, and so everybody loves it for daily learning needs. If you see; growing YouTube audience usually depends more on your promotional techniques; that is why; this is a big opportunity for content marketers and bloggers to jump into for building themselves as a brand and to drive targeted traffic and more sale. It is the best option to use YouTube for better video marketing to promote your blog, website or business. But wait; “Rome is not built in a day”; likewise, creating & growing a YouTube channel is not the thing that will get settle down over the night. Growing your YouTube audience doesn’t just mean start recording some videos, quick editing, uploading, social sharing and setting up the YouTube channel; it is not just that enough to get the active subscribers fast that would love to follow you and your video contents. All you need to do is making quality, helpful and engaging video contents regularly on your YT channel. You must know; no one able to notice your channel and its content till you make your audience aware about. Some vloggers promote their videos on Facebook, twitter etc while others try to communicate via comments. These methods may work for you, but you need to keep testing and experimenting new ways that work best for your kind of YouTube channel. Optimising your YouTube channel is necessary for establishing the grounds for your niche. You must work hard to get more YouTube subscribers that will make you earn money on YouTube. Growing Youtube channel required a lot of patience and time consistency. But at the end of the day, with all the efforts you took and patience, you would get its benefits. Today, I’m going to talk about the 5 best tips you can practice to grow your YouTube channel.

Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast
Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

In the previous post, I was talking about learning to make high quality, professional YouTube videos that go viral and not only target YouTube audience but also drive organic traffic and so a lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel. I have published that page; Top 10 Ways How To Make PROFESSIONAL YouTube Videos // YouTube Techniques to help you create viral videos, you can check it anytime.

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Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

As a YouTuber, one must know some smart tricks that can help them increase views on YouTube.

Here are five best ways to grow your YouTube Channel:

1. Don’t convince those who never watch YouTubers.

How to drive traffic to youtube channel – To get started on YouTube, you should be clear about the type of YouTube audience you are going to target. Try to cater the audience that is more supportive and likes to watch videos on YouTube on regular basis. Such audience is going to be interested in your content. But to waste your time on those who do not follow this culture at all is a complete no-no.

You should not focus on people that are not interested to watch a YouTube video. Rather the objective is to turn your regular viewers into your loyal customers and grow your YouTube Channel further.

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2. Write smart descriptions for better rankings.

SEO and video – Limited lines of description are very important, make sure what you write should include all the relevant links such as blog post links and social media profiles or any other video link.

Although the first line should not be promotional, it should explain what the video is about as it becomes a deciding factor while searching results through keywords.

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3. Use most popular Google keywords.

YouTube search engine optimization – To give your video a title is the toughest task of all, so many times you make up your mind yet it is the suitable one. The only reason is the title isn’t SEO-friendly at all, you have to work on it till you don’t find the suitable one. In short, you have to write a title that people might search for, use the most popular words.

Along with that, use tags to address the video to the right kind of audience. Adding so many words at once won’t do any good till they don’t reach out to the viewers who are looking for similar content. For example, if your content is about tourist places to visit, you must add tags and words like most beautiful places to visit, best places to visit and so on.

Targeted keywords in the title, description, and tags are very powerful factors for YouTube SEO.

Here I would like to suggest you check youtube certified FREE too TubeBuddy Review | Best Toolkit To Grow & Manage YouTube Channel

4. Make a catchy Youtube thumbnail to increase video views.

What do YouTubers use to edit thumbnails – Choosing one from those given options by YouTube is an old trend to follow as they are mostly blurred and not so flattering. Instead of using those traditional thumbnails, it’s better to go with thumbnail creator app like iPhoto, Photoshop, VSCOcam and work with different fonts and colors as per your desire. These apps enable you to explore a different set of themes according to various categories and topics your content is about.

You can select thumbnail themes categorically, and even opt to change them whenever you feel like. Doing this gives your view a much sorted-outlook and seems more professional and appealing that can easily increase views on YouTube.

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5. The power of internal collaboration.

YouTube collab ideas – It is the most trending video content strategy to build high-trust relationships. Uniting things will always take you far, at least when you are talking about YouTube content. The best team collaboration and communication could drive more views & new subscribers to your videos.

As the objective is to gain maximum viewers and increase views organically free, the best video content strategy to follow would be to collaborate with some other YouTuber. This can be worked out by planning and executing things systematically. For instance, both can shoot the video clip and share via WeTransfer or other sharing app and make it into a crisp video with fine editing and adding annotations. You must start building connections to find a broader audience.

The final product of collaborative efforts is considered to be more effective as it is capable to attract a lot more viewers and subscribers in comparison to each one could get separately.

Benefits Of Web Push Notifications For Bloggers

Benefits Of Web Push Notifications For Bloggers

Benefits Of Web Push Notifications For Bloggers

Ting! You’ve got one new notification!

How many times in a day do you see such notifications on your mobile phone or your desktop browser?

Those who use apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are already accustomed to these kinds of messages. Most mobile phone apps have some kind of messaging system like this.

Most mobile phone apps

These are called push notifications.

This technology has been used by large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies for many years now, and this simple, little thing has contributed a lot to the growth of these businesses.

Thanks to a growing number of startups, this technology is now available for bloggers and small business owners to use for their blogs and websites.

If you are not using push notifications on your website/blog, then you are missing out on a lot.

How do web push notifications work?

Web push notifications enable you to send clickable messages to your subscribers’ browsers (they support both desktop and mobile). They work on an opt-in/opt-out basis so users can click to subscribe, and they can adjust their browser’s settings to unsubscribe.

How do web push notifications work

Image credit: LetReach

There are many online services that offer this marketing technology as both free and paid services. (I have recommended a few good services at the end of this article.) Most of them also offer WordPress plugins that make it easy for bloggers and entrepreneurs using the WordPress platform to make the most out of web push notifications.

After the initial configuration (refer to this tutorial), push notifications are sent automatically when you publish your post.

In the coming days, I will share many tips and advanced usage guides. But for now, let’s learn about the benefits that one will get when using push notifications.

Why should bloggers use web push notifications?

If you are using email marketing (free or paid), then it’s easy for you to understand the direct and indirect benefits of push notifications. Just like how email marketing helps you convert first-time visitors into subscribers for repeat traffic, web push notifications do the same thing.

Here are some of the most important things you need to know about push notifications…

1. They’re perfect for converting visitors into subscribers.


Most bloggers make the mistake of not trying to convert their traffic into regular subscribers.

When you give an option to first-time visitors to subscribe to your blog via push notifications, email, or any other method (like RSS), you now have the opportunity to let them know about any new post you publish.

This helps you to constantly increase your traffic with repeat visits.

This is actually how most of the top blogs manage to maintain such a high level of repeat traffic.

2. They drive real-time traffic.

You can’t really ignore this.

The ability to reach out to your readers in real-time is powerful, and the higher your real-time reach is, the more powerful your brand will become in terms of the viral effect it can have.

Imagine you publish a time-sensitive blog post and you need people to see that post ASAP. Only push notifications allow you to get the word out quickly and efficiently.

Drive real-time traffic

Here are a few practical implementations of real-time push notifications:

  • Promote your live video broadcast.
  • Promote a time-sensitive discount/offer/deal.
  • Give exposure to your latest social media updates.

Apart from driving traffic to my newly published posts, I have also tested push notifications for sending traffic to last minute deals, and the conversions for such promotions were great. This is indeed an effective conversion technique.

3. They let readers know about your brand uniqueness.

Brand uniqueness

Pillar posts are the foundation of your blog, and if your new subscribers are not seeing the pillar content (or content that makes your brand outstanding), it will be hard for them to understand the impact of your brand.

Some push notifications services offer drip feed campaigns, and this is an effective way for you to let your subscribers see your most important content.

Pro tip: Most bloggers let users subscribe to their blog updates and then send them only new blog posts. Instead of doing this, you should nurture your newly subscribed users with your most important content, your brand ideology, your achievements, and other important content that helps your newly subscribed users learn more about your brand.

Here is what I do:

I use a service called PushEngage which offers segmentation and drip feed options. I segment users based on the category of blog posts they are reading, and then I send them pre-selected content based on their interest areas. This all requires a one-time setup (30-35 minutes), and after that, everything is automated.

Push Engage

Warning: You need to be cautious that you aren’t sending out too many notifications. If you are using the segmentation and autoresponder feature, then you should set up your system in a way that gives subscribers a limited number of notifications in a week.

Enabling Push Notifications For Your Website

There is no doubt that this is an effective piece of technology for driving traffic to a blog or website. The sooner you start using it, the sooner you will reap the benefits of this powerful marketing technology.

What about pricing and top service providers?

The best thing about this technology is that, in addition to paid packages, it also comes in free packages.

Many push notification service providers offer free services for the initial few thousand subscribers, and then charge you when you reach a certain number.

There are a few completely free services as well (for unlimited subscribers), but the only thing about them is they sell visitors’ data to ad agencies. This might be OK for personal sites and blogs, but for serious blogs and businesses, this could be catastrophic.

I will do another post in the coming days to explain about the hidden dangers of free services (like OneSignal). For now, I have listed all the popular services below:

You can pick any of the services above and start using push notifications today.

This one little technique will help you instantly get more traffic.

If you are already taking advantage of this technology, then do share your experience and optimization techniques with us in the comments below.

And don’t forget to share this post with other bloggers and marketers to let them know about this great piece of technology.

Here are a few more hand-picked articles that will help you drive more traffic:

Awesome Converter – The Converting App You’ll Ever Need

Awesome Converter – The Converting App You’ll Ever Need

Converting information from one form to another can be a pain, particularly when it comes to measurements of any sort. While it is entirely possible to convert said information using good old Google, there is no denying that the process itself can be rather slow.

Google Now Lets You Search For Fun Facts

Google Now Lets You Search For Fun Facts

Doing Google search for a subject isn’t exactly the most interesting task to do. Google itself are probably…Read more

Thankfully, Android users need not use such arcane methods as there is an app called Awesome Converter that lets you do all the necessary conversions in a single app.

As far as apps go, Awesome Converter is a pretty straightforward to use. All you have to do is select the information that you wish to convert, input the information in the app, and the app would immediately calculate the results.

awesome converter

The conversions that the app is able to pull off are mighty impressive too, as the app can convert weights, lengths, temperatures, currency and many others as well. The currency converter function is a particular favourite of mine, as it showcases all of the major currencies in the world.

awesome converter

If I were to find a shortcoming of the app, it would have to be in the way the app presents its information. The amount of information displayed during a single conversion can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re converting measurement units or currencies.

Minor gripes aside, Awesome Converter is very much a must have for your phone.

awesome converter
Google App for Android Now Comes With an Offline Mode

Google App for Android Now Comes With an Offline Mode

If you’re a frequent user of the Google app on your Android device, you may be interested to…Read more

New Research Proves Android Unlock Patterns Suck

New Research Proves Android Unlock Patterns Suck

If you unlock your Android handset using a pattern, you should consider using a PIN code instead. Because new research shows that Android unlock patterns are really not secure. If no one sees you swiping your finger over your screen then you may be OK, but how many of us even try to hide it?

There are various ways of stopping people from accessing your phone. Apple has been innovating with biometrics, first with Touch ID, and now, with the iPhone X, Face ID

Buying an iPhone X? Face ID Might Make You Reconsider

Buying an iPhone X? Face ID Might Make You Reconsider

The iPhone X’s most notable feature is the Face ID device unlock system. But how secure is it? Will Apple have access to a huge database of everyone’s faces?
Read More

. But Android users tend to be stuck choosing between a pattern and a PIN. Only one of which is up to the task.

Android Unlock Patterns Are Useless

Android unlock patterns are, according to a joint study by security researchers at the US Naval Academy and the University of Maryland Baltimore County, really easy to crack. And all it takes is for someone to see you unlocking your phone. After which they can break into it without even trying.

The research paper, titled, “Towards Baselines for Shoulder Surfing on Mobile Authentication” compared the effectiveness of patterns and PIN codes. To test both methods, 1,173 subjects from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk were shown videos of people unlocking their phones using both methods.

The subjects were then asked to guess the unlock pattern or PIN. After just one viewing, 64% of subjects could guess a six-point pattern, rising to 80% after two viewings. In contrast, just 11% of subjects could guess a six-digit PIN after one viewing, rising to 27% after two viewings.

This is clear evidence that unlock patterns are easier for snoopers to both see and remember. Which makes it a lot easier for an opportunistic thief to spy over your shoulder until you unlock your phone, then snatch it, and gain access to everything. Using a PIN makes that scenario less likely.

Switch From Using a Pattern to a PIN

This new research backs up previous research suggesting 95% of unlock patterns can be cracked within five attempts

Pattern Locks Are NOT Secure on Android Devices

Pattern Locks Are NOT Secure on Android Devices

Android’s pattern lock isn’t the best method for securing your device. Recent research has found that patterns are even easier to crack than before.
Read More

. So, by all means carry on using a pattern to unlock your phone, just don’t blame us when someone else figures it out. The rest of you may want to switch to using a PIN.

Do you use a pattern or a PIN to unlock your phone? Do you hide your pattern or PIN when unlocking your phone? Or do you tend to do it in full view of snoopers? What do you make of the research? Will it change your behavior? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Chilanga Cement via Flickr

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ZTE Axon M Could Be The First True Foldable Smartphone

ZTE Axon M Could Be The First True Foldable Smartphone

ZTE Axon M Could Be The First True Foldable Smartphone
ZTE Axon M Could Be The First True Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has promised a foldable smartphone for years, but it looks like ZTE has already designed a foldable phone which is about to be released. It’s now time for ZTE to show off its foldable smartphone with two screens.

ZTE Axon M Could Be The First True Foldable Smartphone

If we take a look at recent times, many smartphone manufacturers have emulated different designs. One of the trending ones is “Bezel-less”. We all know, Samsung has promised a foldable smartphone for years, but it looks like ZTE has already designed a foldable phone which is about to be released.

It’s now time for ZTE to show off its foldable smartphone with two screens. In fact, it is an image leaked by the Android Authority website that reveals how the new ZTE will be Axon Multy or Axom M will look like.

Image Source: androidauthority
Image Source: androidauthority

The above image clearly shows that ZET Axon M or Axon Multy sports a dual Full HD display. When folded, the smartphone will have screens on the front and back.

According to the reports from Android Authority, the two screens will also be able to run two different apps at once which will act as a treat for users who love to multitask on their devices.

Regarding the technical specifications, the Axom M should have Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB internal storage and 3,120 mAh battery. ZTE has an event scheduled for October 17 in the US, when it is expected to officially announce Axom M.

So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.



Graphic Design and SEO Training Company

Graphic Design and SEO Training Company

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Which Web Hosting Company Deserves Your Business?

Which Web Hosting Company Deserves Your Business?

If you’re currently searching for a dependable web hosting company, you’ve
no doubt encountered a seemingly endless array of options. To call the sheer
abundance of web hosting companies daunting would be an understatement. In
light of the immense plethora of choices hosting seekers are faced with, it’s
only natural that many of them become overwhelmed and wind up giving their
business to companies that don’t necessarily deserve it. Fortunately, while
finding the perfect web hosting service may be somewhat cumbersome, it’s far
from impossible. In fact, limiting your choices to companies that offer the
following amenities is guaranteed to make your search considerably easier.

Security is Taken Seriously

In recent years, cyber security has become more important than ever. With
malware becoming increasingly commonplace and hackers stepping up their efforts
across the board, any hosting company you do business with should offer
first-rate security. This entails providing consistent activity monitoring,
anti-virus protection and assorted malware-fighting tools. Selecting a hosting
company that takes a lax approach to security stands to compromise your
personal online safety, as well as that of your visitors. If your site develops
a reputation for being unsafe, your visitor numbers may take a nosedive. With
this in mind, steer clear of any hosting company that doesn’t offer the
aforementioned security services. The most secure hosting services aren’t
always the cheapest, but it’s hard to put a price tag on peace of mind.

Support is Readily Available

Whenever your site unexpectedly goes down or you encounter a pressing
technical issue, it’s only natural that you’d want the problem addressed ASAP.
Unfortunately, not every hosting company is willing to accommodate you. Trying
to get answers from a machine in response to a serious technical problem can be
downright aggravating. As such, the hosting service you select should offer
live support 24/7. Technical issues don’t operate according to a set schedule,
and neither should your hosting service’s support team. Site owners on the hunt
for responsive, readily available support would be
wise to
check out

Load Times are Nonexistent

In the age of perpetual broadband, speed is crucial to the success of a
website. If your site fails to load within a few seconds, many first-time
visitors are liable to leave and never return. After all, if your site can’t
load in a timely manner, they’re bound to find a plethora of similar sites that
can. Lightning-fast load speeds are of particular import to e-commerce website
owners. The more visitors abandon your site because of laggy load times, the
less income you’re liable to generate.

There’s no shortage
of web hosting companies for site owners to choose from. Needless to say,
however, not all of these companies are created equal. For every reliable
hosting service, you’re liable to find ten sub par ones. Luckily, tracking down
suitable hosting companies doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Keeping an eye
out for companies that embody the previously discussed traits will ensure that
you don’t get stuck with a lemon in the hosting department. 

How To Get More Instagram Followers And Increase Engagement

How To Get More Instagram Followers And Increase Engagement

Instagram has become the number one social media platform in the world over the last few years, with more than 700 million people all over the world logging in every month, posting 16 million images and videos and liking or interacting with 1.6 billion pieces of content every single day.

Those numbers are absolutely staggering when you really think about the reach and the accessibility that Instagram makes available, and if you are a smart and savvy entrepreneur that capitalizes on the flood of traffic crashing around in Instagram every day the sky really is a limit when it comes to your online success.

At the same time, you’re never going to be able to do much of anything on Instagram until you boost your follower count and increase engagement on your Instagram profiles. In an effort to better help you do exactly that, we’ve put together these tips and tricks!

Come up with a crystal-clear hashtag strategy

According to Instagram, posts that include at least one hashtag – and as many as five hashtags – get nearly 80% more engagement on the platform than those that go without.

Obviously, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to come up with a crystal-clear hashtag strategy that ties all of your content together but also allows you to improve your influence in your reach. If you can get other people to use your hashtags through a creative strategy on their content, you’ll be able to leverage their efforts to improve your overall Instagram influence as well.

Jump on board hashtags that are trending

This is why jumping on board hashtags that are already trending and becoming a part of conversations that are very, very popular is such an advantageous thing to do – especially when you’re looking to build your follower count and improve your engagement.

Alongside trying to build your own viral content you’ll want to “hop on board” already speeding trains in the form of hashtags that are trending all over the world. As long as they are relevant they can help you grow!

Don’t forget to fill out your bio

Way too many people forget about their biography on Instagram, and even those that remember to fill out their bio very rarely do so in an effort to improve their follower count, boost their engagement, and give their Instagram account AND their “money pages” the kind of traffic that they can generate from the social media platform.

Fill your bio with relevant information but also make it in entry point into your sales funnel or send people to other pieces of content you have created to build more affinity, to build more influence, and to create more engagement. You don’t want to waste this space!

Go all in when you build your online persona

Nobody spends even a second of their time on social media to look at “regular day” things or pay attention to “everyday people”. Social media is a snapshot of our highlights, and you really need to play up this angle by building an online persona that is the epitome of what your target market wants to be, who they want to be seen as, and how they identify themselves.

Then create the kind of content that that persona would create, share the kinds of posts that this persona would share, and have the kinds of conversations that this persona would have and you’ll be off to the races!

About the Author

Morris Edwards is a content writer at, he writes different topics like Tips for Promoting Your Business on Social Media and all topics related to Business and Economy, if you are interested about Company Registration in  Singapore visit our website.

Company: Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants Pte Ltd
Address: 10 Anson Road International Plaza #27-15, Singapore 079903
Telephone: +65 66531211

Where You Can Get Local Citations Online for Your Business

Where You Can Get Local Citations Online for Your Business

A local citation is any web-based reference to your business,
including its name, address, phone number, and other pertinent data. Here are
some of the ways you can get these citations.

Get a Google My Business Listing

Google is crucial for local businesses, making setting up a
Google My Business listing the very first step you should take. Your listing
here will prove incredibly valuable over time.

Get Core Structured Citations

Apple Maps













At the same time, you need to make sure that you don’t have
duplicate listings at any point. You have multiple options for dealing with
core citations: You can build them manually on your own, and monitor their
status using a spreadsheet, or pay a third party like a local business SEO service to do
all of this for you. You can also make it even more convenient through the use
of an automated citation management services.

Keep in mind that some are free, while others may require paid

Industry- and Geo-specific Platforms

Depending on the industry your business is in along with the
physical location of your company, you may have more chances to build
high-value structured citations.

For instance, businesses in the hospitality industry such as
hotels can earn listings on, while doctors can get listed on and others. Lawyers can appear on, and general
contractors, home service providers, etc. will also be able to find their
appropriate listing platforms.

You can also get your business listed on Chamber of Commerce websites, community
hubs, or local business associations based on your geographical location.

Remember, some of these will be free while others will require

Build Unstructured Citations Along with

You can get unstructured citations on websites or applications
that aren’t specifically intended for the publication of local business
listings. For instance, mentions in a new blog post or article, or even a post
on social media, can reference your business.

A good way to build unstructured citations is to submit
editorials or other types of material to blogs and local newspapers, or you can
engage in social media campaigns or sponsor events or groups. If your material
is of a good enough quality, others may be willing to share your information
without a request, further expanding your network of unstructured citations.

With all of these aspects in mind, you can make full use of
business citations and they’ll help boost your business’s online presence in
local SEO
. Getting both structured and unstructured citations can effective
complement the rest of your local SEO campaign, helping you increase your
online visibility while leading relevant leads in your direction. With plenty
of high-quality citations behind your business, you’ll be on your way to
building a successful local online presence that trumps competitors.