5 Essential Things for Successful Blogging Business

5 Essential Things for Successful Blogging Business

Want to become a professional blogger? But you do not know how professional bloggers work? The straightforward way to become an expert blogger is to follow the steps of professional bloggers. You can not only learn many things by following such steps but also learn to avoid the mistakes that other bloggers have made in their journey to a successful blogging business, So you can check the Successful Blogging Business Tools here.Successful Blogging Business

Start a blog is a natural thing but to maintain that blog and make that famous is something that makes most of the people quit blogging in the very first six months. There are some necessary things that you should follow from day one. These things help your blog look professional and leave an impression on the visitors so that they can visit again and again.

Here are the five essential things you should consider to run a Blogging business:

1) Research:

If you want to become a professional blogger, then you need to be a good researcher. You have to find the issues to offer the solution. There are times when research is most important such as research about the keyword, domain name, hosting and blog post topics.

2) Domain Name:

Domain name is something where most of the newbie blogger make blunders. It is essential to find a brand-able yet simple domain name.

Many people think the brandable term as choosing the domain name similar to the name of favorite websites such as; mashable.com is a brand. If you are choosing mashableblog.com, that means you are going to hurt your blog not just in ranking but also invite mashable company to sue you for using their copyrighted name on your blog.
Always choose an easy to remember easy to type the domain name.

3) Premium Themes:

Free things easily attract the people, but we all know that quality never comes as free. There is the blogger who still prefers using free themes.

Do you know that not even a single pro blogger use any free theme? They always choose a premium theme and always ready to pay for best designs.

Why? Because, if you do not invest in your own business, how you can expect the profit out of it.
Premium themes are safe; give timely updates and even full technical support.

4) Web Hosting:

Like free themes, free web hosting services are also available. I am not saying that all free hostings are terrible, but there are limitations when you host your blog on free hosting such as Blogger, WordPress.com, etc.

It is always great to use the self hosted platform to launch your blog. You get complete control not on features but also on the content you have published.

It also gives the impression that you are professional and serious about your blogging business.

5) Important pages:

If you want to make your blog look professional, then you must have some pages on your blog that are known as “Important Pages.”

Important pages are:
A) About us
b) Contact Us
c) Sitemap
d) Disclaimer
e) Privacy Policy

These are few of the essential pages that every blog must have. These pages help the people to find out what your business is all about and also help them contact you easily.

If you miss any of these on your blog that means you are making the clients stay far from your blog as they don’t like such blogs. Also, if you ignore these, then you will never be counted as a professional blogger.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Automating Your Kentico Cloud Content with Azure Logic Apps

Automating Your Kentico Cloud Content with Azure Logic Apps

The world is becoming more automated. From cars to coffee makers, systems are becoming more dynamic as developers leverage integrations between applications and platforms. When it comes to publishing content, any improvements that save an editor time is a huge step in the right direction. Luckily, teaming Kentico Cloud up with Azure Logic Apps can bring you a ton of automation, with only a little custom code.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship And Health Care Reform

Innovation, Entrepreneurship And Health Care Reform

Protecting the United States’ leadership in innovation is a priority Americans can agree upon. As political discussions on health care policy continue across the country, the impact to the health care entrepreneurial ecosystem should be taken into serious account.

As a founding member of a Washington, D.C. think tank, I interpreted ACA legislation and conducted American opinion polling in 2009. I recently re-polled American “likely voters” on health policy issues, to understand which components of reform are still popular.

The “repeal and replace” debate has brought health policy topics back into the national consciousness. Questions around how to provide affordable coverage and reduce costs are generating debate across the country, leading to a wide range of proposals.

Unfortunately, the multiple unsuccessful attempts to pass legislation created major market uncertainty. Health insurance companies had to price their 2018 plans using the highest risk assumptions, hiking up projected premiums. Many insurers have pulled out of markets entirely, leaving some areas with limited coverage options.

As a member of the health care entrepreneurial ecosystem, I have become concerned about how this destabilization impacts the entrepreneurs and startups I work with. Some examples include:

1. Affordable Health Care for Entrepreneurs: Health plans offered on the individual Exchange support the freelancer / independent “gig economy” and entrepreneur / small business market. The calculation of what it will cost to quit a day job, start a company, or join a small business tips in the wrong direction with rising health care costs. If people can’t afford health care, they are less likely to take a leap into entrepreneurship, meaning fewer digital health entrepreneurs.

2. Health Care Organizations as Clients: Due to an uncertain future, health plans, hospitals, vendors, and others have been effectively paralyzed from making big decisions. They are holding off on initiating major new projects, undertaking pilot projects, making procurement decisions, or signing new contracts with digital health companies.

3. Availability of Investment Dollars: A slow down of new funding going into this space is expected when angel, seed, and venture investors aren’t able to make big bets in the face of uncertainty.

The health care entrepreneurial ecosystem depends on a dynamic workforce, clients who will take bets on innovation, and investment capital.

Where does this leave us?

Political leadership has the opportunity to focus their energy on a productive conversation to initiate improvements. Unilateral action should be avoided in favor of bi-partisan suggestions:

  • Reinstate and fund the reinsurance and risk-corridor programs to provide more certainty to health plans

  • Increase penalty for not following individual mandate so that more people buy into the market, making the math of risk pools work, increasing insurance affordability

  • Double down on initiatives to save costs by fighting fraud, improving care quality, incentivizing wellness, and preventing medical errors and needless tests and treatments. According a poll fielded September 6-7, 2017, voters would be supportive of:

In conclusion, the opportunity to increase health care quality and increase health insurance affordability is upon us again. Improvements that serve the broader American public will have the added benefit of supporting health care entrepreneurs who are committed to a brighter, more efficient, and effective health care future.

Attributions and Methodology: This poll was conducted by John Zogby Strategies and sponsored by Health 2.0.

  • Methodology: 800 likely voters nationwide, accurate +/- 3.5 percentage points

  • 28% Independent / Unaffiliated; 36% Republican; 36% Democratic

Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?

Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?

By Anthony Aguirre, Ariel Conn and Max Tegmark

Should artificial intelligence be regulated? Can it be regulated? And if so, what should those regulations look like?

These are difficult questions to answer for any technology still in development stages ― regulations, like those on the food, pharmaceutical, automobile and airline industries, are typically applied after something bad has happened, not in anticipation of a technology becoming dangerous. But AI has been evolving so quickly, and the impact of AI technology has the potential to be so great that many prefer not to wait and learn from mistakes, but to plan ahead and regulate proactively.

In the near term, issues concerning job losses, autonomous vehicles, AI- and algorithmic-decision making, and “bots” driving social media require attention by policymakers, just as many new technologies do. In the longer term, though, possible AI impacts span the full spectrum of benefits and risks to humanity ― from the possible development of a more utopic society to the potential extinction of human civilization. As such, it represents an especially challenging situation for would-be regulators.

Regulations, like those on the food and pharmaceutical industries, are typically applied after something bad has happened, not in anticipation of a technology becoming dangerous.

Already, many in the AI field are working to ensure that AI is developed beneficially, without unnecessary constraints on AI researchers and developers. In January of this year, some of the top minds in AI met at a conference in Asilomar, Calif. A product of this meeting was the set of Asilomar AI Principles. These 23 principles represent a partial guide, its drafters hope, to help ensure that AI is developed beneficially for all. To date, over 1,200 AI researchers and over 2,300 others have signed on to these principles.

Yet aspirational principles alone are not enough, if they are not put into practice, and a question remains: is government regulation and oversight necessary to guarantee that AI scientists and companies follow these principles and others like them?

Among the signatories of the Asilomar Principles is Elon Musk, who recently drew attention for his comments at a meeting of the National Governors Association, where he called for a regulatory body to oversee AI development. In response, news organizations focused on his concerns that AI represents an existential threat. And his suggestion raised concerns with some AI researchers who worry that regulations would, at best, be unhelpful and misguided, and at worst, stifle innovation and give an advantage to companies overseas.

But an important and overlooked comment by Musk related specifically to what this regulatory body should actually do. He said:

The right order of business would be to set up a regulatory agency – initial goal: gain insight into the status of AI activity, make sure the situation is understood, and once it is, put regulations in place to ensure public safety. That’s it. … I’m talking about making sure there’s awareness at the government level.

There is disagreement among AI researchers about what the risk of AI may be, when that risk could arise, and whether AI could pose an existential risk, but few researchers would suggest that AI poses no risk. Even today, we’re seeing signs of narrow AI exacerbating problems of discrimination and job loss, and if we don’t take proper precautions, we can expect problems to worsen, affecting more people as AI grows smarter and more complex.

The number of AI researchers who signed the Asilomar Principles ― as well as the open letters regarding developing beneficial AI and opposing lethal autonomous weapons ― shows that there is strong consensus among researchers that we need to do more to understand and address the known and potential risks of AI.

Some of the principles that AI researchers signed directly relate to Musk’s statements, including:

3) Science Policy Link: There should be constructive and healthy exchange between AI researchers and policy-makers.

4) Research Culture: A culture of cooperation, trust and transparency should be fostered among researchers and developers of AI.

5) Race Avoidance: Teams developing AI systems should actively cooperate to avoid corner-cutting on safety standards.

20) Importance: Advanced AI could represent a profound change in the history of life on Earth, and should be planned for and managed with commensurate care and resources.

21) Risks: Risks posed by AI systems, especially catastrophic or existential risks, must be subject to planning and mitigation efforts commensurate with their expected impact.

The right policy and governance solutions could help align AI development with these principles, as well as encourage interdisciplinary dialogue on how that may be achieved.

The recently founded Partnership on AI, which includes the leading AI industry players, similarly endorses the idea of principled AI development ― their founding document states that “where AI tools are used to supplement or replace human decision-making, we must be sure that they are safe, trustworthy and aligned with the ethics and preferences of people who are influenced by their actions.” 

Government officials need to learn about and understand how AI could impact their constituents.

And as Musk suggests, the very first step needs to be increasing awareness about AI’s implications among government officials. Automated vehicles, for example, are expected to eliminate millions of jobs, which will affect nearly every governor who attended the talk (assuming they’re still in office), yet the topic rarely comes up in political discussion.

AI researchers are excited ― and rightly so ― about the incredible potential of AI to improve our health and well-being: it’s why most of them joined the field in the first place. But there are legitimate concerns about the possible misuse and/or poor design of AI, especially as we move toward advanced and more general AI.

Because these problems threaten society as a whole, they can’t be left to a small group of researchers to address. At the very least, government officials need to learn about and understand how AI could impact their constituents, as well as how more AI safety research could help us solve these problems before they arise.

Instead of focusing on whether regulations would be good or bad, we should lay the foundations for constructive regulation in the future by helping our policy-makers understand the realities and implications of AI progress. Let’s ask ourselves: how can we ensure that AI remains beneficial for all, and who needs to be involved in that effort?

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Making the Decision to Buy Used or Refurbished Phones

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Making the Decision to Buy Used or Refurbished Phones

When it comes to buying a new phone, it’s easy to feel quickly overwhelmed by the options available. Whether it’s trying to keep up with constantly updating devices or finding a way to afford them, the smartphone arena is rapidly developing and unleashing new, exciting features.

Make Better Decisions to Buy Used/Refurbished Phones

People used to search Are refurbished phones any good? Which are better used or refurbished phones? Where to purchase

refurbished cell phones?

How do I know if my phone is new or refurbished? Is a certified refurbished iPhone good? How to check certified used cell phones for sale? Are refurbished iPhones good? What is the unboxed phone? New and refurbished cell phones which is better? How to check problems with refurbished phones? Should you buy a refurbished or the used phone? Guide to buying second-hand phones, tips for buying reconditioned cell phones, disadvantages of refurbished phones, and so on…

For instance, consider Apple’s recent releases, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). The iPhone 8 is fairly similar to the previous iPhone 7 while the iPhone X is an almost entirely new playing field. It’s more futuristic, sleek, has gotten rid of some key iPhone staples, such as the center home button, and is experimenting with a facial recognition feature for the first time. However, the new device also costs anywhere from $999 to over $1,500. That’s a lot of cash to drop on a smartphone, especially if you aren’t necessarily interested in having a more futuristic-type phone.

Buying a refurbished phone can dramatically cut the cost of your brand new mobile phone, but is the essential phone any good? Have you made your mind to buy used, refurbished mobile phone? Have you considered a reconditioned cell phones or second-hand mobile rather than brand new? If you’re finding yourself feeling distressed while researching the best product for you or a loved one, then this page will definitely help you as because the refurbished smartphone might be the best option.

Buying Guide on Used or Refurbished Mobile Phones
Buying Guide on Used or Refurbished Mobile Phones

In the previous post I was talking about; Top 17 New iPhone X Features You Don’t Know About // iOS11, FaceID, Evo Glass, Portrait Selfies & Many More and today, I’m going to outline the quick things that you need to consider while buying used or refurbished mobile phones online or offline. Just keed reading to learn about refurbished devices.

So, what exactly is a refurbished phone? Why you should choose as a new device?

What does refurbished mean – This is a device that is typically used and was returned to either a manufacturer or a third-party seller due to some type of issue or impairment. The phone is then reconditioned and repaired as needed, returning it to a like-new condition. Often you’ll find a grading system in place that categorizes the refurbished phones based on how much exterior damage or signs of use they have.

Refurbished products also aren’t usually sold in original packaging or with original accessories, such as headphones. Since these phones are considerably tested, repaired, cleaned, reset and repackage items that’ll only ever and less expensive reselling devices which are free from any noticeable damages. Moreover, almost all the refurbished mobiles come with the manufacturer warranty so you may think to choose these phones as your new device.

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5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Used or Refurbished Mobile Phones

Depending on your needs, refurbished devices might make the most sense for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you embark on finding the right phone.

1. Do your research.

Before you make any final decisions, proper research is an integral first step.

You’ll want to first research the types of used or refurbished phones that catch your interest. For example, you may want to find out if there were common defects found within certain used iPhone models before you pull the trigger on purchasing one. If so, that could heavily impact your final purchasing decision.

On top of that, you then want to research who is refurbishing the product: the manufacturer or a third-party retailer? There isn’t much of a difference between the end results—both third-party companies and manufacturers hire skilled expert technicians to repair the used phones. But you’ll need to look into the reputation of the company you plan to buy from. It may be helpful to narrow your search down to a few companies and then compare and contrast different features, such as cost, warranty arrangements, and reviews.

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2. Evaluate your reasons for buying a refurbished product.

There are many enticing reasons to consider buying a refurbished phone, and once you evaluate your main motivation behind doing so, it’ll make your decision of which device and company to move forward with a lot easier.

For example, if you’re planning to purchase a phone for a child, then a lower graded refurbished phone might be best. Unfortunately, kids don’t always have the best track record of keeping their phones looking new, and they might even be prone to losing their electronics. With that in mind, a slightly damaged phone will save you the heartache of watching your child scuff or scratch their new device.

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3. Keep an eye on that price.

By definition, a refurbished product is cheaper than its counterpart sold directly from the manufacturer or a newer model. This is because it’s been used and, while it’s been restored to its factory settings and will be in full-functioning working order, there’s a chance it has been subjected to surface damage or could be closer to the end of its lifespan (most phones last on average approximately a year and a half). If you find that the refurbished items you’re looking at are more expensive than new products directly from the manufacturer, you may want to keep searching.

On the other hand, the cheapest product isn’t always going to be the best deal. While saving money on electronic gadgets may seem like a rare occasion to take advantage of, you’ll again want to put in your due diligence to ensure that you’re actually getting a quality device. A cheaper phone might have more surface damage than others, and if that isn’t something you’re particularly interested in, you’ll want to remain alert and continue browsing.

Additionally, if there are specific features that you’d like to have on your refurbished iPhone or Android, then you may want to look further than the price tag again. The less expensive products are typically the oldest models available, so if you’re looking for features found in specific models, stay aware of what you’re looking at and don’t just consider its cheap price. Some new models do away with outdated features that you might prefer while, with other phones, it’s hard to tell the difference between two models released around the same time. It all depends on which technological features you find to be a necessity in your device.

4. Figure out if you want an unlocked phone or want to stay within your network.

Certain phones may not work with your carrier if you’re already on a phone plan, which is a very important consideration to keep in mind while you’re looking for a phone. If you’re unwilling to leave your plan, then your choices may be limited. In this instance, it may also be an opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer or find a certified pre-owned or refurbished product.

It also depends on if your phone is a CDMA (code division multiple access) or GSM (global system for mobiles) devices. CDMA phones use networked-based lists to verify subscribers, meaning you can only change your phone if you have a carrier’s permission. GSM phones, however, make it a bit easier to change your data to different devices because information is kept on a removable SIM card.

However, if you’re not devoted to staying on your phone plan, then an unlocked smartphone could be the route to take.

An unlocked phone is not tied to a specific network and will work with multiple service providers. You may have heard the term “jailbreaking” before, which refers to an unlocked iPhone. With an unlocked phone, you’ll still need a SIM card to get it working. If you go with an unlocked phone, you have to ensure that the phone is able to work with any carrier (again, GSM versus CDMA phone capabilities come into play here). There’s a lot of freedom behind using an unlocked phone, which is why some prefer it to the alternative of being confined to a specific carrier, but you have to be willing to put in the effort to make sure you have a working end result.

5. Make note of warranty and return policies.

No one wants to have to return their device, however, it’s important to make note of all policies in case something happens. Don’t be surprised if the return or warranty policies are not the same as those on new devices. Each company will have a different policy too, so make sure you’re comparing and contrasting this aspect while researching.

For instance, you don’t want to try to return your product if a defect arises or an accident occurs, only to find out that your policy doesn’t allow for that. It’ll also help you stay aware of avoiding certain situations, such as having your phone around water if the company you purchased it through does not allow water-damaged products to be returned.

By following these tips, the process of finding your refurbished smartphone can be a whole lot less stressful. Plus, once you finally get your product, you’ll certainly be satisfied with the outcome since you shopped for something that fits your exact needs.

A Detailed Comparison of Best Position Trackers SEO Tools With Results

A Detailed Comparison of Best Position Trackers SEO Tools With Results

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Irrespective of what some professionals may claim, search engine rankings are still the best indicators of SEO progress.

Sure, on their own, they’re nothing more than a means to an end – increasing online visibility, getting more sales or achieving any other outcome you want for your business.

And it is not possible if your rankings aren’t up there.

It is crucial that you can properly track and monitor your domain’s positions for relevant keywords.

The thing is, given the plethora of choices, how do you choose the best keyword ranking tool?

Well, that’s what I intended to find out. I decided to compare some of the popular rank trackers in the market – Moz, RankRanger, SEMrush, SE Ranking, and Ahrefs – to establish which offers the best value.

Without any further ado, here’s what I discovered.

Comparison criteria:

Here’s the functionality I took into consideration when comparing rank trackers.

  • How many search engines and devices does each tool track
  • How many keywords could I monitor
  • Can I track rankings by location (and how many locations could I specify)
  • Can I track rankings for my business name in local listings
  • Can I compare my rankings with the competition
  • Could the tool suggest additional competitors for me
  • Can I see which keywords trigger a featured snippet
  • How often do they update the data
  • Can a tool alert me of unusual ranking fluctuations
  • What sort of reports can I generate

I know there’s a lot to cover so let’s dive right in.

Comparison Results

#1. Search Engines and Devices

Search Engines

It goes without saying that we are all eager to know how our sites rank on Google.

But depending on various factors, like your location or business type, for example, you might want to track the rankings on other search engines as well.

And as it turns out, rank trackers differ greatly when it comes to search engines they target.

For example, Moz allows you to track rankings on Google, Google Mobile, Bing and Yahoo.

Track ranking in Search Engines

SEMrush and Ahrefs, however, track only Google (and Google mobile) rankings.

SE Rankings on the other hand, also tracks rankings in Yandex, Yandex mobile and YouTube.


And finally, RankRanger offers an impressive list of search engines, including Google, Google mobile, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, iTunes, Google Jobs, Haosou, Sogou, Baidu, Seznam, Atlas, and others.


However, the problem is, RankRanger allows you to pick only two search engines from the list. And so, although you have a plethora of choice, you can’t avail the options in full.

Verdict: If you look at the list of supported engines, RankRanger is miles ahead of the rest. Unfortunately, its restriction to two sources lands it in line with other tools.


All rank trackers allow monitoring rankings for desktop and mobile devices separately. However, SEMrush is the only one that splits mobile devices between smartphones and tablets, offering a more in-depth look at your mobile rankings.

Verdict: SEMrush for offering a more detailed analysis of mobile rankings.

#2. Keywords

Depending on the size of your site, and the business, you might want to track anything from a handful of keywords to thousands or more.

And particularly, if you’re in the latter category, it is crucial that the rank tracker you choose will not force you to drop some of the data.

Here’s how my selected rank trackers stack up regarding the number of keywords they allow you to track:

(Note: I’m quoting official information from those companies here, covering various price plans these products offer)

SEMrush Moz Ahrefs SE Ranking RankRanger
From 500 to 5000 From 300 to 7500 From 300 to 10000 From 50 to 20000 From 350 to 2000

Verdict: A tricky choice as the best tool in this case largely depends on your business requirements.

So, instead of offering a strict verdict, I thought I’d compare the cost per keyword for each tool (using their smallest paid plan).

Price per month Keywords Price per Keyword
MOZ 99 300 0.33
Ahrefs 99 300 0.33
SEMrush 99 500 0.20
SE Ranking 29 250 0.12
RankRanger 69 350 0.20

#3. Location Tracking

If you run a local business, it is crucial that you know how your keywords perform in your immediate locale. And although it’s not a functionality I’d personally be interested in, I compared whether rank trackers from my list can deliver local rankings.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that every tool on the list allows tracking rankings by location.

SEMrush Moz Ahrefs SE Ranking RankRanger
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

However, they all offer a different number of location targets you could specify and track. What’s more, in some of the tools, the actual number also depends on a price plan you’ve selected.

Here’s the breakdown of how many locations per website you can specify:

SEMrush Moz Ahrefs SE Ranking RankRanger
10 4 From 1 to unlimited, depending on a price plan 5 2

Verdict: Ahrefs beats everyone else with their unlimited package.

#4. Tracking Business Name in Local Listings

Similarly, if you run (or help promote) a local business, you should know how it ranks for its business name.

Therefore, a rank tracker you choose should give you the ability to monitor rankings for the business name.

From the ones I’ve compared, SEMrush, SE Ranking and RankRanger offer this functionality.



SE Ranking

Search Engine Settings


SEMRush Position Tracking Settings

Moz doesn’t include it in its PRO package. However, you can get it if you sign up for their Moz LOCAL tool. To use it, however, you need to buy a separate license.

Ahrefs, however, doesn’t allow tracking a business name.

Verdict: A tie between SEMrush, SE Ranking and RankRanger.

#5. Competitor Rankings

Similarly, I analyzed which rank tracker allows me to compare my rankings with the competition and build an image of my competitive landscape.

Ahrefs, SE Ranking and RankRanger allow to compare up to 5 competitors.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking



Rank Ranger


SEMrush allows adding up to 20 competitors. You can also add specific competitors for each keyword, making the tool’s competitive report highly relevant.


Finally, with Moz, you can track rankings of up to 3 competitors. However, you can also add them from the organic report.


Verdict: SEMrush. If you need to monitor ranking changes for a large group of competitors, the tool delivers the greatest opportunity.

#6. Additional Competitor Research

I believe most will agree with me on this:

Companies you consider immediate competitors aren’t necessarily the ones you battle for the searcher’s attention.

Additional websites might be ranking for your keywords, trying to steal your traffic and revenue.

And so, it is crucial that you understand who your online competitors are (not just the market ones).

And as it turns out, there are only two tools on the list that offer this functionality:



SEMrush’s competitor report includes all domains that target the same keywords as you, not just the ones that battle for the same organic traffic.

Plus, it provides a wealth of additional information about each domain that you could use to plan strategies to overcome them in rankings.

SE Rankings


SE Rankings offers a list of domains targeting similar keywords as you to choose from.

Verdict: SEMrush and SE Ranking because of their holistic approach of looking at other sources than just organic to get the full picture of the competitive landscape.

#7. Featured Snippets Report

Featured snippets are one heck of a deal.

After all, as some SEOs suggested, the featured snippet is now a rank zero, the ultimate ranking position you could strive for.

(Hell, you could rank on top of organic search, and the Answer Box will still nick your traffic!)

Unfortunately, getting it isn’t easy.

Or is it?

Because, for one, knowing which keywords already trigger the answer box could help you improve your relevant pages, and take over the feature box.

And so, as part of the comparison, I checked which rank trackers report on featured snippets in rankings.

And this is where things get really tricky. Because all the tools show the featured snippet icon, denoting that a particular keyword fires off the Answer Box. Then some of them allow to dig deeper and filter results by this rank type.

So to take it from the top, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush and RankRanger denote featured snippet in ranking reports, allowing you to identify keywords that trigger the answer box.  

The cool thing about SEMrush featured snippet report is that it is unique in the market. It significantly speeds up your workflow of getting into featured snippets in two ways: result analysis and opportunities search.


First, based on your keyword list, you get the list of all your pages that got you to featured snippet for any location or device that you target.

At the same time, in the other tab, you get all the keywords that you did not gain a featured snippet rank for, but your competitors did. In the table, you can see at once the keywords AND the specific URL from the snippet. This feature allows you to quickly analyze why a particular page gained on the FS ranking and therefore how to improve your own page. Also, by putting priorities to your pages that got to the top-20 SERP positions, it’s easy to strategically plan your work.

RankRanger provides a dedicated featured snippet report as well, including the information about keywords, domains, and landing pages that trigger the answer box.


Verdict: A tie between RankRanger and SEMrush

#8. Data Update Frequency

Given how fast rankings can change, it is crucial that you have access to the most current data.

Spotting unusual rankings fluctuation might help you identify and overcome a bigger issue if the problem was left unattended.

For that reason alone, I prefer an instant data update, rather than a delayed one. And so, as part of the process, I checked the intervals at which I could have my data delivered by the rank trackers.

But to my surprise, there are huge discrepancies with data update frequency between those products.

SE Ranking, SEMrush and RankRanger provide daily rankings.

From SEMrush’s website:

SEMrush’s website



Moz reports on your search positions only once a week.

SE Ranking, on the other hand, allows you to specify your desired frequency, and choose to receive the data every day, once in 3 days or weekly. Note that the frequency you choose will affect your price, with daily reports costing you more, and weekly slashing your cost by as much as 40%.


Finally, Ahrefs ties frequency to price plans. The higher plan you choose, the faster you’ll receive your data.


Verdict: RankRanger provides the best value for the money here. But it’s worth mentioning that SE Ranking allows to select the frequency on all plans, and customize it to your needs.  

#9. Alerts

In case something unusual happens to the rankings one would like to know the cause behind it, identify the problem in detail and take adequate measures to eradicate the problem.

Unfortunately, the only rank tracker that offers the ability to set up alerts, and receive emails when rankings change is SEMrush.


That said, I admit that this is hands down an incredible feature, allowing SEOs to become more proactive, rather than reactive to changes and potential issues with rankings.

Verdict: SEMrush, undoubtedly.

Note: This is a different functionality from weekly (or daily, monthly, etc.) ranking update reports that most tools offer.

#10. Reports

It doesn’t matter if you’re an in-house SEO or work for an agency, at some point you’ll have to issue reports to prove your work. Although agency folk might do it more often, it’s a feature we all need.

Most of the rank trackers I compared offer the ability to create PDF reports. The only exception in the list is Ahrefs. It does not offer any reporting functionality.

With others, however, there are some differences regarding the type of reports you can create.

SEMrush allows to create a standard PDF report that you can schedule to receive regularly.  


You can also customize the look and content of the PDF, adding data from other SEMrush tools with a simple drag and drop interface.


Many of those elements allow you to bring in custom data and reports created specifically for this report, making it an invaluable tool for marketers and agencies that need to provide more context for the ranking report.

Moz offers custom reports too, and allows to schedule and annotate them.


SE Ranking includes a template builder, allowing you to create various templates for your reports, depending on your requirements.


Finally, RankRanger offers an option to create white-labelled reports, customize the cover page, and customize predefined PDF templates.


Closing Thoughts

As SEOs, we all have different objectives – increasing overall rankings, showing up in the Answer Box, boosting local presence among others. However, the rankings, like I said, are the best indicators of SEO progress.

And we need to use a tool offering functionality that can help us achieve it.

I hope this detailed comparison helps you identify the most effective tool to reach your own SEO goals.


First, I signed up for and used demo trials of each tool. As a result, there is a possibility that certain functionality I may highlight as lacking in a particular app was simply blocked in the trial version.

Second, the results of this comparison are entirely subjective and based on my expectations for a rank tracker.

Generate Documentation with Markdown Files Using Docsify

Generate Documentation with Markdown Files Using Docsify

If you’re creating a free plugin, framework, or open-source script you’ll need documentation. It’s crucial to document your work, both for your sanity and to help others who want to learn your awesome resource.

However, creating online documentation can be a real pain. Thankfully, Docsify makes it easier by providing a free documentation generator running on Markdown.

This is not a typical static site generator and it does not require static HTML/CSS pages. Instead, it loads Markdown files dynamically and displays them as web pages. Pretty neat!

Docsify homepage

Check out the Docsify homepage for a preview of the layout, along with further setup details.

It does require that you create the index.html file yourself, which can then be uploaded to GitHub Pages or hosted on your own server. From there, you just write Markdown files for each page and use those as your primary docs.

The entire process is outlined in detail in the quick start guide, so that’s probably the best place to start. This can all run through npm, so it really helps to know your command prompt or at least be willing to learn.

It is possible to create a raw HTML file yourself and just copy/paste the template from Docsify’s setup guide. But, I recommend doing it dynamically, since it saves a ton of time—and isn’t that really the point?

As you learn the Docsify system, you can add features using Markdown or raw HTML. These features include a custom navigation bar and even your own cover page with your project’s logo.

Docsify even comes packaged with a bunch of free themes if you want pre-designed layouts to work with. Or, you can browse through their showcase gallery to see which projects use Docsify for their documentation.

Docsify example documentation

All the basic setup info & file downloads can be found on GitHub, so head over there if you want to give this a shot.

You can also see a live demo on the main Docsify documentation page which, sure enough, runs on Docsify. So, if you like that web page layout you can use that same template and run it all through Docsify, 100% free and open-source.

What Not to Do to Get Hacked on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat

What Not to Do to Get Hacked on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat

Want to get your account hacked on Facebook

Has Your Facebook Been Hacked? Here’s How to Tell (and Fix It)

Has Your Facebook Been Hacked? Here’s How to Tell (and Fix It)

There are quite a few things that you can do to prevent an attack on your Facebook account, and a few things you can do to fix things if it does get hacked. Try this.
Read More

, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other major social network? It’s actually really easy — all you have to do is sit back and keep doing what you’ve been doing.

In fact, we’ve got a big list of what you should do if you’d like to have your account compromised. Follow this advice to the letter and you too can experience the joy of a hacked social media account, and possibly even identity theft.

1. Don’t Use a Strong Password

When you want someone to break into your account, one of the best tactics you can use is employing a weak password

Keeper Reveals the 25 Worst Passwords of 2016

Keeper Reveals the 25 Worst Passwords of 2016

2016 was notable for the amount of data breaches made public. Which gives us an insight into the worst passwords you can use right now.
Read More

to protect it. Make sure it’s easy to guess, either by a machine or by someone who knows you

The 7 Most Common Tactics Used To Hack Passwords

The 7 Most Common Tactics Used To Hack Passwords

When you hear “security breach,” what springs to mind? A malevolent hacker? Some basement-dwelling kid? The reality is, all that is needed is a password, and hackers have 7 ways to get yours.
Read More

. Check the below video for ideas:

The shorter your password is, the better. Also, you should use dictionary words and leave out symbols and numbers so your password is all set up for hacking. Ignore those who warn you of common password mistakes

7 Password Mistakes That Will Likely Get You Hacked

7 Password Mistakes That Will Likely Get You Hacked

The worst passwords of 2015 have been released, and they’re quite worrying. But they show that it’s absolutely critical to strengthen your weak passwords, with just a few simple tweaks.
Read More

— as long as you can easily remember it, you’ll be fine. As for password managers, who needs them

You Need to Start Using a Password Manager Right Now

You Need to Start Using a Password Manager Right Now

By now, everyone should be using a password manager. In fact, not using a password manager put you at greater risk of being hacked!
Read More


2. Don’t Enable Two-Factor Authentication

You’ve probably heard of two-factor authentication (2FA) so much now that you’re sick of it. And that’s good: you shouldn’t even bother with it since you’re looking to get your account hacked. While you can use 2FA on lots of important services

Lock Down These Services Now With Two-Factor Authentication

Lock Down These Services Now With Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the smart way to protect your online accounts. Let’s take a look at few of the services you can lock-down with better security.
Read More

, especially your social accounts

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on All Your Social Accounts

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on All Your Social Accounts

Let’s see which social media platforms support two-factor authentification and how you can enable it.
Read More

, you should continue to have one point of failure for your accounts instead of two.

After all, an authenticator app like Authy

The 5 Best Alternatives To Google Authenticator

The 5 Best Alternatives To Google Authenticator

To improve the security of your online accounts, you’ll need a good two-factor authentication app to generate the access codes. Think Google Authenticator is the only game in town? Here are five alternatives.
Read More

takes a whole ten minutes to set up, and who has that kind of time? It makes more sense to spend hours trying to recover your account later when the damage is already done so you aren’t inconvenienced now

Can Two-Step Verification Be Less Irritating? Four Secret Hacks Guaranteed to Improve Security

Can Two-Step Verification Be Less Irritating? Four Secret Hacks Guaranteed to Improve Security

Do you want bullet-proof account security? I highly suggest enabling what’s called “two-factor” authentication.
Read More


3. Don’t Worry About Clicking Any Links

Links are fun. They’re usually colorful, and they can take you to all kinds of wonderful places on the web. Thus, you should click on them whenever you see fit, and without discrimination. This includes links in emails

New Scam Shows Why You Should Never Click on Links in Emails

New Scam Shows Why You Should Never Click on Links in Emails

Email phishers are at it again — there’s a new exploit in modern browsers that can trick you into visiting fake and harmful sites. Here’s how to avoid it.
Read More

, those sent to you in random social media messages from strangers, and popups

Let’s Put A Stop To Pop-Up Browser Ads Once And For All!

Let’s Put A Stop To Pop-Up Browser Ads Once And For All!

Pop-ups can catch you off guard, and if you’re not careful they can create problems. Learn how to avoid them and how to handle them if they do come up.
Read More


If you click a link and something seems suspicious, don’t worry about it. It’s probably just your imagination. When a page looks like Facebook’s login, it definitely is. Feel free to enter your password on any page you like, and don’t think scanning them first

7 Free Anti-Virus Tools For Your Browser: Scan Links Before You Click

7 Free Anti-Virus Tools For Your Browser: Scan Links Before You Click

Viruses, malware, phished websites. Online mousetraps are lying in wait for some poor sucker to click on, so their computer can be added to the collection of zombie computers spewing out spam.
Read More

is necessary.

4. Don’t Uncheck That “Remember Me” Box or Sign Out

You know that little Remember Me checkbox that appears when you sign into your favorite website? Make sure that’s always checked, because it makes signing in really convenient for you.

how to get hacked on social media facebook instagram snapchat

Let’s say you sign into a social media site on a public computer

5 Ways to Make Sure Public Computers You Use Are Safe

5 Ways to Make Sure Public Computers You Use Are Safe

Public WiFi is dangerous no matter what computer you’re on, but foreign machines demand even greater caution. If you’re using a public computer follow these guidelines to ensure your privacy and safety.
Read More

— like one at a school, library, or friend’s house. You could leave that box unchecked, but think about it. If you do that, you’ll have to type your password the next time you come over.

That would take too long, so just have the site remember you. There’s no chance that someone will use that PC after you and have complete access to your account. That’s crazy talk! And if you don’t sign out of whatever you were using, you can be sure the next person will be honest and do so for you.

5. Don’t Secure Your Email Account

Want to make it easy for an attacker to get into your accounts? Make sure you don’t lock down your email, so they can get in and have free rein. Since you sign into so many other services with your email, you’re really making a hacker’s day if you leave the door open for your email account.

Many of the suggestions above apply for your email account, too. Don’t bother enabling two-factor authentication, ignore all those useless security tools that Gmail provides

5 Ways to Improve Your Gmail Security in Under 5 Minutes

5 Ways to Improve Your Gmail Security in Under 5 Minutes

Email security is always important, but using Gmail can lead us into a false sense of security. If you use Gmail, these vital tips will save you from the inevitable headaches and grief later.
Read More

, and make sure you give obvious answers to those security questions

Why You’re Answering Password Security Questions Wrong

Why You’re Answering Password Security Questions Wrong

How do you answer online account security questions? Honest answers? Unfortunately, your honesty could create a chink in your online armor. Let’s take a look at how to safely answer security questions.
Read More

. Once a hacker gets into your email, they’ll have a blast resetting your passwords for other sites.

6. Don’t Limit the Amount of Apps You Connect

Connecting apps and games to your social accounts is convenient

Should You Think Twice Before Logging In Using Social Accounts?

Should You Think Twice Before Logging In Using Social Accounts?

Read More

, and poses zero security risks. Every time you find a cool new Facebook game

8 Best Facebook Instant Games to Play With Friends Online

8 Best Facebook Instant Games to Play With Friends Online

Facebook Instant games don’t require a download, and you can even play them against your friends. Here are the best new Facebook Instant games to try on your phone or browser.
Read More

that needs access to your contacts list

Connecting Games To Facebook — What’s In It For You?

Connecting Games To Facebook — What’s In It For You?

You’re in the zone on your favorite puzzle game. You catch the false move that would have doomed you before you commit to it, and a moment later, you finally seize sweet victory!
Read More

, birthday, work history, and blood type, you should certainly allow it. Who’s going to crush that candy and rescue those elves if you don’t?

how to get hacked on social media facebook instagram snapchat

After all, the more apps you connect, the more awesome your account becomes. There’s no downside to so many services potentially having access to your information. You should never question an app’s permissions — just accept everything as it comes.

7. Don’t Keep an Eye Out for Warning Signs

There’s no reason to regularly review your account for signs of unwanted access

How to Check if Someone Else Is Accessing Your Facebook Account

How to Check if Someone Else Is Accessing Your Facebook Account

It’s both sinister and worrisome if is someone has access to your Facebook account without your knowledge. Here’s how to know if you’ve been breached.
Read More

. If you notice that you’re suddenly following strange accounts, it’s probably just Instagram or Snapchat helping you discover new people. Getting password reset emails you didn’t ask for isn’t suspicious at all. And if your friends let you know that your account posted something strange, they’re probably just hallucinating.

Don’t be vigilant about protecting your accounts

How to Know If Someone Has Hacked Your Social Media

How to Know If Someone Has Hacked Your Social Media

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your Facebook or Twitter accounts were ever accessed by somebody without authorization? Here’s how to know just that.
Read More

. Detecting a problem early might kick an attacker out before they can mess with your account, and that’s the last thing we want. Under no circumstances should you change your password if you suspect foul play.

How Are You Helping Hackers Today?

Hopefully you’re not taking the seven above security measures, and continue to avoid using them to make your social accounts ripe for attack. These aren’t the only ones, however. Remember to share all kinds of sensitive information on social media

9 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

9 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

Be careful what you share on social media because you never know when something could come back and ruin your life. Even the most innocent posts could be used against you.
Read More

, provide your account details to other people, and add anyone who sends you a request for maximum social excitement. You’ll have fun and make it easy for hackers to hit your account at the same time — what’s not to love?

Want some malware to go with your hacked account? Make sure you ignore any advice you hear about preventing Facebook viruses

How to Prevent & Remove Facebook Malware or Virus

How to Prevent & Remove Facebook Malware or Virus

Facebook malware is a threat, but you don’t have to worry about it if you follow this advice. Here’s how to avoid the nasty side of Facebook.
Read More


Do you actually bother to do any of the above? How have hackers broken into your accounts in the past? Share more ways that others can experience the joy of stolen accounts in the comments!

Image Credit: .shock/Depositphotos

Instagram Will Now Archive All of Your Stories

Top 10 Best PC Games December 2017

Top 10 Best PC Games December 2017

Let’s have a look at top 10 Best PC Games December 2017 that you need to try this month as they are with some amazing graphics. So have a look at these games below.

We bet that being a computer user you would have definitely installed or either played the games over it. How we are knowing about this factor is because we know that there is a huge craze for the gaming in every kind of people. This craze or the interest is not new, many of the years have undertaken the growth of the gaming field for the computer and the same has been possible due to the support of the people. Now you are here in this post to look for the best PC games for December 2017 and we have also written regarding the same. We have listed all of the best games that are available right yet for the PC devices in the world. It is not required for you to look for the best game through searching out from the crowd of hundreds of games for the computer, just take out some of your time and read all of the information of this post. You shall be able to know about some of the really dignified gaming apps for the PC. So let’s begin up knowing about the best games for the PC for December 2017!

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Top 10 Best PC Games December 2017

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#1 Wolfenstein 2

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

The New Colossus: Mind-blowing FPS right on your screen that makes it possible for grasping the crushing thrill. You shoot like a pro and keep on winning the situations. Make sure that your system has the capability to run such a graphics-rich game, you won’t deny upgrading your system even for this game. This is the game that deserved to be on the top list for some reason, we have tested it in depth for the purpose.

#2 The Evil Within 2

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

Thrilling gameplay, intense graphics, and the mind-blowing, actually this is a horror gameplay so your mind will be blown! All of these factors for this game makes it a top-notch game for the tactical and strategical game seekers.

#3 Destiny 2

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

Universe all around in this game feels like there is a war ongoing, every other character of the game is shouted with guns. Fire is glittering and thus you are working to safeguard yourself. It is difficult to explain about so many aspects of this gorgeous game in this short description, simply search for it and know about it. You shall be impressed, this is all that we could assure!

#4 FIFA 18

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

Play the soccer and experience yourself as the part of the high-level teams in a realistic way. You shall get totally immersed in the game, the trusty you would get through it is totally stunning. Dive in and get the joy of kicking the virtual ball as if it is all real!

#5 Divinity

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

Original Sin 2: This is one of the best RPGs ever made, you get the chance to fight as a team. Amazing intuitive adventure awaits you, just install this game and have the experience.

#6 Forza Motorsport 7

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

This is the racing game, you will feel the emotions pumping for those who run after the loot. Brilliant looking van you drive to prevent the capture. Graphics and the physics implemented inside the game is what makes it the interesting one!

#7 South Park

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

The Fractured But Whole: Cartoonic game full of the sense that is availed with tons of curvatures in the mood and emotions. You would not get any other game providing you the chance to explore the whole world, another RPG with some influential factors.

#8 Cuphead

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

If you are not the biggest fan of the 3D games and you wish to have the graphics plain games for your system then this 2D shooting game will not let you feel guilty about your system. Amazingly designed and crafted, this splendid game strategy is what would make you feel if you are playing the top-notch game!

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#9 Ruiner

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

Cyber violence is ongoing and you are the one who is sightseeing it the whole scenes. Playing the game to prevent from creating the scene is your task.

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#10 Total War

Best PC Games December 2017

Best PC Games December 2017

Warhammer 2: Again on the list is the strategic game, you would have guessed the type of the game through its name. This is a warhead game where you are on the edge where you are to survive and fight to kill the enemies.

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  • top 10 pc games dec 2017
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Gaming is becoming the necessity of many of the people and they are diving into this virtual world like crazy. The developers are deeply involving the tradition to unfold more new games for the keen gamers so that they could easily get the top-notch experience. What makes the sense here is that there is always a competition between the rush of games launched in a year, we have plucked and put in the information for the best only games. Moving towards the verdict of this post we just hope that you would have liked the information in this post. Simply assist you and share your information about this writing through the opinions and the suggestions inside the comments section box.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy and Why You Need One

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy and Why You Need One

Creating a digital marketing strategy might not be easy, but it is not rocket science either. There are some clear steps following which one can create a good strategy.

Online marketing has changed over the years. Gone are the times when an online advertising campaign would be enough to attract attention and achieve the sales target. Today, brands need to think differently when targeting their audiences. Digital marketing has opened up new avenues for brands that sell products or services online. But, a large number of organizations (about 46 percent) still don’t have a digital marketing strategy and those who have (about 16 percent) haven’t yet integrated it into their marketing campaigns.

It is time that brands understand the importance of Boise digital marketing and come up with strategies that are in tandem with their goals. So why do brands need to invest in digital marketing and how should they  go about it?

Why You Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is imperative for any business. It helps create an online presence and reach out to a larger audience. Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing, guaranteeing a high ROI. It also helps brands narrow down target audiences. However, monitoring the digital marketing campaigns to ensure they work well for them. Another reason why brands need to invest in digital marketing is that it produces measurable results, giving specific answers of what works and what doesn’t as well as  exactly how much effort needs to be put in to ensure better results.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing can produce amazing results, but designing a digital marketing campaign isn’t easy. Here are a few tips that will help brands create effective digital marketing campaigns and reap the best benefits:

Know Your Needs: Start with defining your specific goals. Identify your needs and then define your objectives. However, make sure you set realistic and achievable goals.

Identify Your Audience: You need to know who to target. Therefore, identifying the target market is the next most important step. Know your products and services and understand who would be your ideal customers.

Create Content: Once you have identified your ideal customers, create content (around your products and services) that would appeal them the most. Try answering day-to-day questions and provide solutions to their problems. The idea is to become a trusted source of information and this can be achieved through blogging, social media and PR.

Identify the Most Effective Channels: Identify the channels where your targeted audiences participate most actively. Focus on these channels and share your content regularly. Engage your audiences as much as possible.

Measure the Effectiveness: You need to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns constantly. Start with one campaign and when it starts generating good results, move onto the others. Remember, you need to keep updated with the latest trends and tweak the methods regularly to ensure the best results.

Having a digital marketing strategy is important for every business. Therefore, hire a reputed digital marketing company Boise to come up with the most effective campaigns that can reap the best results for your business.

Author Bio

Richard Bradford is a freelance writer with years of experience writing on various topics. His recent article is a good read  on how to go about creating a digital marketing strategy and what is the need for one.

About The Author