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ICP In Beian China | ODosta Inc.

For those who are looking for outstanding web presence in China, the ICP license is required. The ICP license will help the websites to compete in the Chinese internet market and government to have a control on the site as well as the published content from the Chinese sites using their local hosting services, So you should know about ICP In Beian China.

What is ICP In Beian China?

ICP license stands for Internet Content Provider; it is a permit for the websites based in China to operate from there, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. It is also famous as ICP beian or ICP license. This license allows the Chinese website to operate in China as well as has to publish the ICP license number on the front web page at the bottom.

The ICP license is the permit which allows the Chinese government to control the content of the Chinese website; therefore all the sites with Chinese hosting require the ICP beian to operate their site in China.

Why need an ICP?

Since the China is one of the largest populated countries in the world, it is the biggest internet using the industry as well. Therefore maintaining good user interference is quite difficult for the Chinese internet market because of latency. That is why to minimize this issue the ICP license is required.

If your domain has to host outside the China, you don’t need the ICP license, but if you want the website domain organized by the servers within China, the ICP license is compulsory. The Internet Data Centers IDCs and Internet Service Provides ISPs make sure that all the sites hosted by China hold the ICP license. In case you or your company wants to avoid this process can choose the hosting options from other country or nearly located country like Hong Kong, then ICP will not be required, but laws of that place will be different and applied.

In case someone wants to run the website without the ICP license, it is impossible since the IDC will refuse to host the site. Therefore, it is essential to have ICP beian to get hosting permission in China.

Sometimes the site owner succeeds in getting the website online without any ICP license through undiscerning IDC, but these sites soon get caught by the screening that they don’t own ICP license. Once any website finds in this situation, the site will immediately block by the IDC and owner as well as ISP hosting is penalize too.

How to get an ICP license?

There are few requirements to get the ICP license; these are mention below:

1.    Language:

All the documentation and forms have to fill in the Chinese language.

2.    Approval:

For applying for ICP license the companies have to pass an initial approval, once they are approved ICP license can be implemented such as healthcare, culture, news, publishing, broadcasting, education and online distributor of media must pass the initial screening to get their ICP beian.

3.    Documentation:

There are some documents which are must have for applying ICP license such as:

  • Owner of the website has to submit required information to ISP/IDC
  • Photograph and identification need to be presenting and verified by ISP/IDC.
  • This information and identification evaluated by ISP/IDC.
  • After the evaluation, a request is a summit to the MIIT
  • The application and the details of the owner and business type is review by the MIIT
  • ICP number is an issue after approval and also includes in the database.

How to check your ICP license?

For those who are applying for the ICP license should know that it is a long and complicated process. All the documentation and requirements must be correct and evaluated by different departments. Therefore once the ICP license is generated it is required to be published on the bottom of the front web page.

In case you want to check the ICP license contact the ISP or IDC so that you can get started with your website or content on the internet.