Instagram Will Now Archive All of Your Stories

Instagram Will Now Archive All of Your Stories

Instagram is changing the way Stories are preserved for posterity. Stories Archive will automatically save your Stories for the future, and Stories Highlights will let you choose certain elements of Stories to share with the world. So, if Stories are your bag, today is a good day.

It’s fair to say Stories has grown to be a popular part of Instagram. In the year since Instagram launched Stories, the feature has become more popular than Snapchat, the app Instagram used as “inspiration”. And now Instagram is making changes likely to make Stories even more popular.

Choosing Highlights From Your Archive

Stories Archive is exactly what the name implies. Which is an archive of your Stories. All of your Stories will be automatically saved to your Archive unless you opt out. To access your Archive just tap the “Archive” icon and you’ll see your Stories presented in chronological order.

From here you can tap on Stories to watch them, add new elements to your Stories, share them as posts, or do a number of other things with them. Your Stories Archive is only visible to you, and you’re always in control of what old Stories you share with others beyond the initial 24 hours.

Stories Highlights is the second part of the equation. It lets you group Stories into Highlights you can then share on your profile. These live in a new section below your bio, and you just need to tap the “New” circle to create one. Then choose Stories, select a cover, and give it a name.

Highlights will appear as a circle on your profile, and your followers can tap it to see it play as a standalone story. You can add as many Highlights as you like, and edit or remove them as you see fit. But as your Stories Archive grows the scope of your Highlights will grow with it.

Stories Is the Past, Present, and Future

With Stories being such a popular part of Instagram at this point we suspect this is just the beginning of Instagram’s plans for them. One obvious way to increase the visibility of archived Stories will be to surface them in a similar way to Timehop and Facebook’s On This Day.

Do you use regularly use the Stories feature on Instagram? If so, what do you think of Stories Archive and Stories Highlights? Will you be opting out of having Instagram save your Stories? Can you see yourself sharing old Stories? Please let us know in the comments below!

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