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Google Disavow File Generator Tool: Now generate Disavow file format code for the Google and easily submit it. A free small seo tool that generates downloadable disavow file for removing bad links.

Google Disavow File Generator Tool

Disavow is a Google’ way that helps you to ask for removing the certain bad links from your site. Sometimes, Google cannot find those bad links that pointing to your website.

Disavow File Generator Tool automatically creates a set of instructions for Google. This strategy allows you to ask the google from removing various bad links and count the weights of your website by analysing your profile link.

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You need to enter the URLs of bad domains in this small seo tool to generate and download a disavow file. Text format. This tool is the best answer of how to prepare to disavow file.

Now you can quickly generate your own disavow code files to let know the Google about bad links and can easily submit to Google.

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