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About Word Counter Tool

                Google Word Counter Tool – Small Seo Tools

Google Word Counter Tool: small seo tools offers you the best online free word frequency counter that counts the text and gives you the accurate results.Word Counter Tool

The word count of a text is very much important, especially if you are a writer, you need to count the minimum or maximum amount of words for an article, essay, book, etc.

You can easily observe the word limit for many other website’s elements like the Title tag in HTML: which shows only 70 characters, Meta description about 160 words that are displaced in the Google Search results. Same as the Google Play store App name allows only 30 characters and so on.

Small seo tools offer you to count the words with much ease. Word Counter Tool counts the words of the pasted paragraphs.

It works simply. All you need is just to copy paste the content that you want to know about the word counts.

Paste the text in the text section, click on the count button and then get the accurate results instantly.

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