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Google XML Sitemap Generator Tool: Small seo tools offers you free XML sitemap generator tool that helps your web pages to be indexed in search engines free of cost. One of the best HTML sitemap generator.

XML Sitemap Generator Tool

XML Sitemap is something that you don’t need to see, but works efficiently for your website indexing. XML Sitemap tells the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. to easily crawl your web pages and rank higher in the search engines.

A free small seo tool that Sitemap your web pages for the crawlers to see the overall complete structure of a website. XML Sitemap Generator Tool works perfectly for indexing your web pages.

“It’s tough to know what spider all search engines used for indexing your web pages or for giving priority to them. Mostly our web pages contain images, videos and flash objects that are generated by client side like JavaScript that unfortunately not shows the original content. Webpage spider view tool stimulates the search engine.”

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No doubt that XML Sitemap is the heart of SEO. Once you submit XML sitemaps, the chances of ranking your website get increases. In short, this tool helps the search engine to index your blog. It is much easy for the crawlers to see your website structure with this tool.

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