Where You Can Get Local Citations Online for Your Business

Where You Can Get Local Citations Online for Your Business

A local citation is any web-based reference to your business,
including its name, address, phone number, and other pertinent data. Here are
some of the ways you can get these citations.

Get a Google My Business Listing

Google is crucial for local businesses, making setting up a
Google My Business listing the very first step you should take. Your listing
here will prove incredibly valuable over time.

Get Core Structured Citations

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At the same time, you need to make sure that you don’t have
duplicate listings at any point. You have multiple options for dealing with
core citations: You can build them manually on your own, and monitor their
status using a spreadsheet, or pay a third party like a local business SEO service to do
all of this for you. You can also make it even more convenient through the use
of an automated citation management services.

Keep in mind that some are free, while others may require paid

Industry- and Geo-specific Platforms

Depending on the industry your business is in along with the
physical location of your company, you may have more chances to build
high-value structured citations.

For instance, businesses in the hospitality industry such as
hotels can earn listings on TripAdvisor.com, while doctors can get listed on
HealthGrades.com and others. Lawyers can appear on FindLaw.com, and general
contractors, home service providers, etc. will also be able to find their
appropriate listing platforms.

You can also get your business listed on Chamber of Commerce websites, community
hubs, or local business associations based on your geographical location.

Remember, some of these will be free while others will require

Build Unstructured Citations Along with

You can get unstructured citations on websites or applications
that aren’t specifically intended for the publication of local business
listings. For instance, mentions in a new blog post or article, or even a post
on social media, can reference your business.

A good way to build unstructured citations is to submit
editorials or other types of material to blogs and local newspapers, or you can
engage in social media campaigns or sponsor events or groups. If your material
is of a good enough quality, others may be willing to share your information
without a request, further expanding your network of unstructured citations.

With all of these aspects in mind, you can make full use of
business citations and they’ll help boost your business’s online presence in
local SEO
. Getting both structured and unstructured citations can effective
complement the rest of your local SEO campaign, helping you increase your
online visibility while leading relevant leads in your direction. With plenty
of high-quality citations behind your business, you’ll be on your way to
building a successful local online presence that trumps competitors.